Buying Vintage Rosaries: Crucifix or Fidget Spinner?

When I started Stella Maris I didn't anticipate expanding my focus beyond making and fixing rosaries. Actually, going back further when our dog Halas would make an afternoon snack of my rosaries, leaving me only the crucifix, centerpiece, and a few scant beads, I never imagined learning to repair them and starting a business. But that's another story for another day. However, it only took a day in Paso Robles, CA with my eldest daughter, Nicole, who took me through so many thrift and antique stores in the area to realize my love for vintage Catholic sacramentals.  While she searched for the weirdest, funkiest clothes for her vintage shop (and trust me, there are some weird pieces out there!), there I was drawn to these beautiful sacramentals, often hanging between cheap plastic 1980's era necklaces. That began my love of vintage Catholic rosaries, medals, and even framed images. I will say that I passed on the black velvet painting of the Good Shepherd but I have found so many pieces of beautiful Catholic art in second-hand stores along with rosaries that, though worn from use (ah, the communion of saints!) can often time be cleaned and repaired. 

Which leads me to why I decided to blog about my vintage shopping experience. I'm hoping to learn more about the rosaries of old which I'll share here. I'll post pictures of some of the more unique centerpieces and crucifixes. The one I found today makes me wonder if its designer had ADHD. My son, who has ADHD, and is in constant need of having to fidget with something would find this appealing. The style is not one that I would normally be drawn to buy. The woman who sold it to me shared how she found it in an antique shop in Barcelona. Though I hesitated initially because I found it to be a bit gaudy there was something that drew me to it. I hope you'll enjoy the distinctiveness of it as I did. I've been searching out in the ether to see if I could find another one like this and perhaps learn more about it but no luck. Let me know if you are familiar with this style of crucifix. 

Ave Cor Maria,


Barcelona Rosary.jpg