Midwest Catholic Family Conference

I"m fresh off the Midwest Catholic Family Conference, sponsored by the Diocese of Wichita. What an amazing and grace-filled event! And I'm not talking from a sales perspective. On the drive back to Aurora, Colorado we were discussing how edifying it was to have met so many good and holy people. Each of us have attended Catholic conferences before. In, the past the kids had both attended Mountain Madness, a middle school Catholic conference in Denver. As high schoolers, Steubenville of the Rockies is their favorite, by far. However, attending as a family, even as vendors, brought a whole different element through a shared experience. We discuss the faith frequently at home but this was such a different and edifying moment for us that we spent a good part of our 7 hour drive home talking about various aspects of the conference. Our only regret was that my husband/their dad wasn't there to experience it with us. He was home with our pack of beagles. Next year, though, we're getting a dog sitter and he's going to be there! Now, to put a bug in Archbishop Aquila's ear to establish something similar in Denver. Now more than ever we need to emphasize, encourage, and support Catholic family life. Our childen need it and our society needs it.

Ave Cor Mariae,